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Sabersphere 2/28: GRIT, Platoons, Ricky Romero

Rounding up yesterday's best sabermetric links all in one place at Beyond the Box Score.

J. Meric

Today's Sabersphere will look at GRIT, a super-awesome formula created by our own Max Weinstein, some players who could use platoon-mates, and Ricky Romero and his sinker.

Yesterday at Beyond the Box Score

True "GRIT": Quantifying the Game’s Grittiest Players and Teams. - Beyond the Box Score
Does grit equate to wins? Is it even possible to quantify such a qualitative trait?

This is a fun article. While I would've just left the formula alone, Max also shows us how much potential value GRIT may have.

Around the Sabersphere

Baseball Prospectus | You Complete Me
Jonah looks at four teams that could benefit from finding platoon partners for players currently projected as regulars. - Keywords: major league baseball, mlb, american league, national league

As the Athletics showed last season, platoons can be quite effective. I think we will see even more teams using them more often, as they can be a great way to create a useful player in the aggregate.

Ricky Romero Sinking and Not Sinking | FanGraphs Baseball

This article by Jeff Sullivan takes an interesting look at Ricky Romero and his sinker, which was a bit of a topic of interest yesterday. I think that any time a pitcher sees variance in his pitch usage and resulting success/failure, that it is interesting to look at.

BOB: MLB gives A’s gives A’s advice about moving
The latest in the business of baseball.

Give the A's their new stadium! Seriously MLB, just get it done. This team won 94 games last year and went out and spent this offseason. If not in San Jose, maybe try and get them to settle for somewhere else, but they need a new stadium.