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Sabersphere 2/27: ZiPS and Steamer, Aces, Long At-Bats

A collection of Tuesday's best baseball links.

Doug Pensinger

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Torii Hunter had a monster year in 2012, but he's moving into his late thirties and showed a lot of warning signs last season. Lee Trocinski investigates: How Lucky Was Torii Hunter Last Season? | Beyond the Box Score

You should really read this fantastic FanPost by GWilson on whether long at-bats actually help score runs: Are great at bats really that great? | Beyond the Box Score

Around the Sabersphere

Dave Cameron compares ZiPS and Steamer projections and notes some players that look very different between the two systems: Where ZIPS and Steamer Disagree | FanGraphs Baseball

Mark Smith expands upon his first article on applying the standard scouting scale to sabermetric stats: The 20-80 Scale, Saber Style (Again Yet Different) | FanGraphs Baseball

The title of "ace" is not used sparingly, but does anyone know what it actually, practically, means? Doug Wachter considers some potential criteria: Drawing an ace | The Hardball Times

Do me a favor. Find some free time in your day today or tomorrow and read this guest post on Baseball Prospectus. It's by former minor leaguer Eric Knott and his experiences with PEDs as a professional baseball player. It's really an absolute must-read: Surviving Professional Baseball in the Steroid Era | Baseball Prospectus

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Outside the Sabersphere

The Indians have a job opening in their Baseball Analytics department. More information here: Cleveland Indians Seek Executive Development Fellow, Baseball Analytics | Baseball Prospectus