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Sabersphere 2/22 Markov, Diamondbacks, and Makeup


Happy Friday all, and this isn't any ordinary Friday. Spring training games officially start today! While we are waiting for the games to start, check out some of the best links from around the Sabersphere.

Previously at Beyond the Box Score

Bryan Grosnick wrote an excellent article on how we should define makeup in a ballplayer. When we use the term "makeup" what do we mean by that? A player's makeup can also translate to on the field performance, or lack thereof. Breaking down 'makeup' for MLB players - Beyond the Box Score

Around the Sabersphere

Steve Saude of FanGraphs continues his excellent research, this time with the focus on team specific hitter values by way of a markov chain. In 2011 Mark Trumbo and Alberto Callaspo both had identican wOBAs (.328), meaning they had identical wRC+s as well (108) since they both played for the Angels. What happens when Trumbo or Callaspo's numbers are inserted into really good or really bad offenses? Team-Specific Hitter Values by Markov | FanGraphs Baseball

Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation ]ranks almost every transaction of the off-season. Ranking (almost) every single offseason transaction - Baseball Nation

Over at Baseball Prospectus Zachary Levine shows how the Arizona Diamondbacks reduced their strikeouts this off-season, but might have hurt themselves in a few other categories. Most notably in the home run, and walk departments. Baseball Prospectus | Skewed Left: Arizona's Extreme Strikeout Makeover

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