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Sabersphere 2/14: Linear Weights, Pitch F/X Park Effects, Podcast, Trout

A collection of yesterday's best sabermetric links from all around the web.

J. Meric

Happy Valentine's Day to all! For those who may not have a special someone today, remember that you can always just look at pictures from Spring Training all day because baseball is the only thing you should love. That's in the Constitution, look it up.

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Pitch F/X Park Effects Case Study: Tampa Bay Rays Fastballs | Beyond the Box Score
Jon Roegele- Raw Pitch F/X pitch type classifications suggest vastly different types of fastballs used in Rays games played at home versus on the road in 2012. We dive in to investigate the matter, looking at factors that affect pitch movement along the way.

Pitchers Better As Relievers | Beyond the Box Score
Lee Trocisnski- The two biggest factors in finding pitchers whose niche is in the bullpen are platoon splits and working through the order.

BTB Podcast #40 - Prospectin' | Beyond the Box Score
Blake Murphy, Nathaniel Stoltz, Spencer Schneier, Dave England discuss all things prospects.

Around the Sabersphere

Linear Weights + BaseRuns = Good | FanGraphs Baseball

In my last article, I explained how wOBA’s current implementation changes the value of walks, singles, home runs, etc., annually due to changing league characteristics. Does this mean that the value of an event is the same for every team in the league each season? Or in every park in the league? No way.

Angling for Trout | The Hardball Times
Shane Tourtellotte- The expectations for Mike Trout, previously stratospheric, have now sailed somewhere beyond the asteroid belt. After a historic rookie season, the assumption is that he can only get better, being so young. So is he going to be better this year?

Brandon Belt’s Turning Point | FanGraphs Baseball
Eno Sarris- But, as you can see in the quote above, players have moments. They make an adjustment with the hitting coach that sticks and makes a difference. They spot something in their approach at the plate. A nagging injury heals. A personal conflict resolves itself.

Finally, Big Leagues Magazine, an online publication covering all things baseball, just went live with a new site and a fantastic Season other special features, including an interview with Jonah Keri. I definitely recommend checking it out, if for no other reason than BtB's own Spencer Schneier, Nathanial Stoltz, and Matt Hunter contributed. It's on sale now for $4.99.

GIF of the Day


Poor Astros just can't catch a break. Credit for this goes to the SB Nation GIF tournament.