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Sabersphere 2/13: Trevor Bauer, Stephen Strasburg, Linear Weights, Pitching Records

Wednesday's edition of Sabersphere: a collection of yesterday's best saber (and non-saber) links.

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Happy hump day! I don't have much of an intro for you today, sorry. When the biggest news of the day is Elliot Johnson being shipped to Kansas City as the PTBNL from the James Shields trade, you know you're having a slow day. Luckily, there was lots of activity in the sabermetric community, and plenty of cool stuff to share. But first,

Question of the Day

In 2012, which two batters tied for being at bat the most when a runner attempted to steal second base?

Previously on Beyond the Box Score

Blake Murphy analyzes Strasburg's goal of reaching 200 innings pitched in 2013: Stephen Strasburg, "Workhorse" - Beyond the Box Score

40 or more extra innings of Strasburg this year? Sign me up! But how will he hold up with the increased workload, whether it be via more starts or longer starts?

Justin MIller writes a Fanpost in which he takes a look at Jake Peavy and a potential comeback for the former Cy Young winner: Jake Peavy's Career Resurrection | Beyond the Box Score

Various injuries, including a detached latissimus dorsi muscle, derailed the former CY Young winner. But could we be witnessing the resurrection of the former ace?

By the way, this is a fantastic moment to urge you, the wonderful BtBS readers, to write Fanposts when you have something to say about anything! You'll almost surely get linked on Sabersphere and will also probably become rich and famous.

Around the Sabersphere

Lots of Trevor Bauer drama yesterday. Grant Brisbee offers his take: Trevor Bauer and his fall from Diamondbacks grace | Baseball Nation

When Miguel Montero says that Bauer needs to stop throwing so many damned pitches, and Bauer says, "No, this works for me," maybe Bauer is right.

Zachary Levine summarizes some notable PECOTA projections: Skewed Left: PECOTA's Projected Bests and Worsts | Baseball Prospectus

The most important thing to remember is that PECOTA is forecasting a measure of central tendency with error on both sides. Error sounds terrible both in life—the theory was wrong—and in baseball—the theory ended up sailing over the bag and hitting a fan in the first row. In reality, it’s just the natural randomness of the game.

Steve Staude, the newest member of the Fangraphs' staff, makes his debut with a fascinating piece on linear weights: Adjusting Linear Weights for Extreme Environments | FanGraphs Baseball

Different types of hits have different values to different teams. The fact is, a team’s on-base ability, slugging, and speed all interact with each other when it comes to the process of scoring runs, such that one factor can add or subtract value from another.

Greg Simons inquires about various pitching records and the possibility of their potential to be broken in the near or not-so-near future: Modern record-book marvels, pitching | The Hardball Times

Which recently established pitching records are likely to stand the test of time?

Finally, Big Leagues Magazine, an online publication covering all things baseball, just went live with a new site and a fantastic Season other special features, including an interview with Jonah Keri. I definitely recommend checking it out, if for no other reason than BtB's own Spencer Schneier, Nathanial Stoltz, and myself contributed. It's on sale now for $4.99.

Outside the Sabersphere

I don't have much for you today, but I'll still leave you with a GIF of the day (h/t to Ruhee Dewji for the fantastic gif collection from which this was taken).