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Beyond the Box Score Reader HOF Vote

With the HOF vote to be announced on January 8th, we offer you the readers the opportunity to vote on who you think should be elected to the highest honor in baseball.

Jim McIsaac

It's that time of year again. Yes, it's the holiday and college football bowl season, but this is a baseball website, so I'm of course talking about baseball Hall of Fame voting season. There's probably nothing that gets written about more than Hall of Fame voting during baseball's offseason. Further, it may be one of the most multifaceted issues we see in baseball. There's the issue of writers who do not regularly cover baseball anymore still retaining a vote. Then you have individuals questioning how much advanced statistics should influence a player's candidacy. And of course, there is the ever-present steroid issue.

These issues get discussed and dissected in every news source, from ESPN to NPR. Rarely is there a single consensus reached, and often, all the discussion merely serves to inflate the debate.

The writing staff here at Beyond the Box Score is currently involved in our Hall of Fame Vote, and the results will be released here next week shortly before the BBWAA makes their announcement. However, we want to include you, our readers, in the process. Below, we have a link to our ballot for you to vote on your choices for the Hall of Fame. Voting will conclude next Monday, January 6th, at midnight, and be announced in the article with our writing staff's selections.

In order to give you a set of resources to make decisions about the players on the ballot, we have links to Baseball Reference and FanGraphs. We look forward to seeing your choices, and please keep any debate on the subjects of voting civil.

Link to the BtBS Hall of Fame Ballot

Baseball Reference's Player Statistics For the Ballot

FanGraphs Statistics For the Batters

FanGraphs Statistics For the Pitchers