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Beyond the Box Score is looking for contributors

If you'd like to be a part of the Beyond the Box Score team -- now's your chance.

Jared Wickerham

For us here at Beyond the Box Score, there is no "offseason". The winter months are our chance to conduct research, evaluate the season past and the season to come, and write ... and write ... and write.

Well, we'd like to add to our family of writers and analysts here at the site. We're always in need of new talent and new perspectives, so we're opening it up to the community.

What we're looking for, at least for now, are people who are passionate about baseball and have skills in one of the following areas:

  • Background in using SQL / R / database programs
  • Background in development of infographics / graphs / charts / GIFs
  • Background in prospect evaluation / scouting

If you want to write about baseball, and have skills in one or more of these areas, that's great. If you don't feel like writing, but want to do research / analysis / graphics, that's great too. We're open to being flexible about that.

If you're just a fabulously talented writer/analyst and *don't* have experience in any of the three areas in that list, that's alright too! I recommend that you post a FanPost in that section of our site. All the FPs here at BtBS are read and reviewed by staff, and we often bring on writers who're doing cool work from that part of the site. Or, y'know, start to develop some skills in one of those particular areas.

If an opportunity like this interests you, reach out to us via our Twitter, or via email to me (Bryan Grosnick) directly. You should be able to find that info on my SB Nation profile.

If you'd like some motivation as to why you should join us here at Beyond the Box Score, well, there are a few great reasons. We've got a great community of writers and editors and we want to help others improve their writing and analysis. It's a pretty nice platform to share your work with a tremendous community of readers.

Best of all, current and former Beyond the Box Score writers have gone on to some pretty awesome opportunities beyond, uh, Beyond the Box Score*. There are several BtBS alumni who are currently working for and with MLB front offices. Our writers have also been able to contribute at ESPN, The Score, FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus, other SB Nation sites -- basically most worthwhile outlets for good/smart baseball writing have featured or currently features someone who contributed to our site.

* - Way Beyond The Box Score, perhaps? Beyond^2 The Box Score?

All of our positions are volunteer positions, but that doesn't mean that they are not rewarding and worthwhile. We're looking forward to adding new voices, and hope to hear from lots of talented people. Thanks!