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Beyond the Box Score and the SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards

Here at the site, we'll be working to help identify the best baseball research and commentary as part of the SABR Analytics Conference in 2014.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

We here at Beyond the Box Score are very excited to announce that we'll be joining with the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) in helping to nominate pieces of writing for the 2014 SABR Analytics Conference Research Awards!

You can check out the full announcement at right here. The short form of the announcement is that the editorial staff here at the site will be helping to identify the best possible pieces -- on the internet and beyond -- that are eligible for these awards. After nominations are decided, SABR will narrow the field down to a shortlist of finalists, and then we'll provide a platform for folks to vote on which article they think should win the awards.

There are three awards given out at the SABR Analytics Conference on March 13-15, 2014: Contemporary Baseball Analysis, Contemporary Baseball Commentary, and Historical Baseball Analysis / Commentary. Our own Lewie Pollis won one of those awards last year -- the Contemporary Baseball Commentary award -- for his work in the article "Did Hall of Fame's Founders Want Voters to Judge with Their Eyes?"

You can find more information on the site in the coming weeks and months about how to nominate content as an individual, and then how to vote here at the site for the best work that is nominated.