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Saber-friendly baseball crossword puzzle

Already not knowing what to do with yourself now that the offseason is upon us? Relax and test your sabermetrics and baseball IQ with this fun crossword puzzle.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I decided to try to handcraft a small sabermetics and baseball-themed crossword puzzle to help fill the void left by the season ending. I haven't tried doing this before, so probably have not found the best solution for publishing the puzzle.

Hopefully if you're interested in trying it you're able to set up your environment in such a way that you can access it! If it is not embedding here for you, a second option could be to try this link. You may be asked to install a small crossword reading software tool in order to view and interact with the puzzle. This is the same tool used to access online crosswords from The New York Times. Saber Crossword

If all else fails, you can download it in PDF form (Saber Crossword) and use a pen.

The theme of the puzzle is "Hidden Pitching Evaluators", meaning the puzzle contains some plainly obvious but also some more "hidden" pitching evaluation words within it. I think I had to include only two completely non-baseball related clues to make the puzzle work.

If you do give it a try, I hope you enjoy it!

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