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Sabersphere 1/8: Lance Berkman, The HOF voting process needs to change


Dave Cameron, of FanGraphs, looks to see if Lance Berkman is a cheaper Josh Hamilton: Lance Berkman: A Cheaper Josh Hamilton?

And if we just look at expected performance for 2013, there’s a decent chance that Berkman will put up offensive numbers that are not too different from what Hamilton would have produced.

Grant Brisbee, of Baseball Nation, looks at the best players that aren't in the Hall of Fame and didn't get a vote: Who is the best player to appear on a Hall of Fame ballot and not get a vote?

With that out of the way, we'll restate the purpose of this: To find the best player who appeared on a Hall of Fame ballot, but didn't receive a single vote.

Dave Studeman, of The Hardball Times, proposes a way to fix the Hall of Fame voting: Time to push the reset button

Say it any way you want. The Hall of Fame is dysfunctional. The Hall of Fame is irrelevant. The Hall of Fame is broken and it can’t get up. Regardless of how you say it, it needs to be fixed.

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Today's BtB retro is a post by Sky Kalkman, in which he looks at offensive and defensive position adjustments. Comparing offensive and defensive adjustments (12/22/08)

Everyone agrees that first base is easier to fill than shortstop, but opinions on positions closer on the defensive spectrum aren't as unanimous. And the relative rankings aren't as important as the magnitude of the differences.