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Where Does Wil Myers Begin 2013?


On December 9th, Wil Myers headlined a package of prospects traded to the Tampa Bay Rays for James Shields and Wade Davis. Since that time many people have been speculating whether Myers will start the year in AAA, of if he'll start with the big league club. Steve Kinsella of Drays Bay, looked into this very question. The piece can be read here.

The question that Rays fans have been debating still has yet to be answered - Is Wil Myers going to be on the opening day roster? One general line of thought has been that unless he signs a long term extension like Evan Longoria or Matt Moore that the Rays will start him off in AAA. Then the next question is whether or not he stays for a short time to give the Rays the extra 1/2 year plus of service time or do they keep him in the minors long enough to mature past Super 2 status? The structure of a contract extension and the merits or drawbacks of sending him to the minors can and will be discussed in more detail between now and opening day.

As noted, the Rays love signing their young guys to cheap contracts. Evan Longoria's first contract was for 6 years-$17.5M with three options that would have paid an additional $30M+. In 2011 the Rays gave Matt Moore a 5 year-$14 million dollar contract that could make the contract be worth $40M+.

I imagine something like that would be ideal for a team like the Rays, and it also would make Wil Myers a very wealthy man. I don't think there are any questions about Myers being ready or not. Myers absolutely dominated the minors in 2012, so now it's just about waiting for the appropriate time to bring him up.

Question for the community:

1) Would you start Wil Myers in the majors right away?

2.) Would you extend Myers now? If so for how long/much? Do you extend Price or Myers given the Rays struggles with hitter development?