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Sabersphere 1/2: Minor League Metrics, Wil Myers, and the Hall of Fame

Today's Sabersphere looks at a new way of projecting minor leaguers, what the Rays should do with Wil Myers, and some Hall of Fame-related posts, because it's that time of the year.


Matt Garrioch of Minor League Ball shares his awesome work projecting minor leaguers using statistics (fanpost): Prospects Percentages of Making the Majors

I'm really not good at marketing or selling anything. I just know that what I have here is interesting and I want to share it. What I am sharing is the information from the 2006 season. As an example of what the data shows and a track record. I can do this for every season from 1990-2012. Take a look, I hope it interests you.

Steve Kinsella at DRaysBay looks at the Rays' decision on whether or not to have Wil Myers on the Opening Day roster: Wil He Or Won't He - The Rays And The Wil Myers Decision

A quiet Sunday evening in December was abruptly changed when the Rays finally did it. The anticipation of a big trade involving one of the Rays starting pitchers had finally become a reality when on a late Sunday evening on December 9th the Rays announced that they had traded James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals. In exchange the Rays received Baseball America's top prospect Wil Myers, pitchers Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery, and 20 year old 3b prospect Patrick Leonard.

Jim Bowden of ESPN Insider looks at some of the biggest risks taken this offseason ($): Biggest risks of the offseason

To win a World Series you have to take some risks. And this offseason, plenty of contenders have been taking them. Here are the biggest risks I've seen this winter.

Mike Bates of Baseball Nation speaks about the irony of the ethical stand involving the Hall of Fame: Bagwell, Piazza, and the Hall: The irony of an ethical stand

Last year, I had an email exchange with Bob Brookover, of the Philadelphia Inquirer, in which we argued about his refusal to vote for Jeff Bagwell to make the Hall of Fame. In light of yesterday's voting deadline for BBWAA members and Bob's column on his Hall of Fame vote and his decision to only vote for Dale Murphy, I thought it was appropriate to present my half of that conversation. While it won't do any good in 2012, maybe this piece will help us get a jump on the 2013 balloting

The Book Blog points out the historical factor of a potential non-vote this year: BBWAA poised to make historical non-vote

Based on the unofficial Ballot Collecting Gizmo by the unmatched Repoz, five players are easily expected to clear the 50% support line for the Hall of Fame, and two more (Bonds, Clemens) are on the cusp. None of them are expected to get to 75%.

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Today's BtB Retro comes from Tommy Bennett, in which he talks about the potential impact the economy may have had on player salaries: How the Economy Will Affect Salaries (10/30/09)

It is possible that the recession in the United States has already ended. Yesterday, the Commerce Department announced that U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) had grown in the third quarter at an annual rate of 3.5%. It marked the first quarter of GDP growth in more than a year. What does this have to do with baseball?