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Dan Turkenkopf: A Beyond the Box Score success story

Jason Miller

Dan Turkenkopf became interested in the field of sabermetrics when he started to read Rob Neyer while in college. Then five years ago he was brought on by R.J. Anderson to write for Beyond the Box Score. While a member of the Beyond the Box Score team he wrote about many topics. Everything from Catcher Block Percentages to Slicing PITCHf/x by Leverage. It's clear that he was extremely knowledgable in the field of sabermetrics, and eventually was hired by The Hardball Times.

While at THT he wrote about many different sabermetric topics, and my favorites were probably his two part series about pitches, and if wasting them are a bad idea. Here is Part 1, and here is Part 2.

After a short tenure at THT, he was hired by Baseball Prospectus and helped with coding as well as analysis.

Today Dan announced some extremely exciting news. I'll let him tell you. Dan's entire article can be read here.

I announced a few weeks ago I wasn’t going to talk baseball on Twitter anymore, which, by the way, has been very tough to stick to. Many of you recognized what that meant, but let me confirm that I have been hired by a major league front office.

As you can see, Dan has been hired by a team in Major League Baseball. That is extremely exciting news, and it just goes to show you that all the hard work pays off in the end.

On behalf of the Beyond the Box Score staff, I would like to give Dan a huge congratulations!