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Sabersphere 1/14: Justin Upton, Bargain Free Agents, and How Should We Value Clean Players?

Today's Sabersphere looks at Justin Upton's trade value, bargain free agents, and if clean players should get extra credit.

Lisa Blumenfeld

Dave Cameron of Fangraphs explores the trade value of Justin Upton: Justin Upton's Trade Value

Yesterday, the Arizona Diamondbacks got an offer for Justin Upton that they would say yes to, as the Seattle Mariners reportedly agreed to ship Taijuan Walker, Nick Franklin, Charlie Furbush, and Stephen Pryor to the D’Backs in exchange for their young right fielder. Today, Justin Upton is still a Diamondback, because he used his limited no-trade clause to block the deal, as Seattle is one of four teams he can’t be traded to without his consent.

Ben Lindbergh of Baseball Prospectus looks at some bargains on the market: Bargain Bin Free Agents

At this point in the offseason, few impact free agents remain on the market, save for Scott Boras clients who’ve been hurt by the new CBA’s draft pick compensation system. Assuming Mike Napoli and Francisco Liriano eventually ink with the Red Sox and Pirates, respectively, only seven of the top 50 free agents have yet to find a home.

Jason Linden of the Hardball Times wonders if clean players should get extra credit: Should voters give extra credit?

We've all been thinking about the Hall of Fame a lot lately. In fact, this is my second such post in as many days, but I have an idea that I think is worth considering. It grows out of a Rob Neyer post where he mentions not wanting to support a player who would not not have been a Hall of Famer without steroids. This pushes someone like Mark McGwire off the list, for instance.

Keith Law of ESPN Insider ranks the top 25 players under the age of 25($): MLB Under 25 Rankings

Welcome to the second edition of my rankings of the top MLB players under the age of 25. This year's list runs to 25 players, with my comments on each player broken down into two sections -- one on the player's current value and one on his projection for the future. I've also included a line with a few players who didn't quite make the cut, listed in alphabetical order.

Today's BtB Retro is another old post by Adam Darowski looking at the best players not in the Hall of Fame: The Best Players Not in the Hall of Fame (12/9/10)

Yesterday, I wanted to link to an article I saw via David Pinto on Baseball Past & Present. Only, I couldn't link to it because apparently Rob Neyer already had—and the server went down (the server was aneyerated?). The article is sim