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2013 MLB Hall of Fame: The Voting Process

Jim McIsaac

Yesterday it was announced that nobody was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame for the first time since 1996. This class was arguably one of the deepest ever, and the fact that nobody got elected is flabbergasting. As a result, many people are arguing that the voting system needs to be changed. Richard Justice of discusses why the Hall of Fame needs to seriously look into some changes.

This isn't just about the most recent Hall of Fame voting, but if it prompts an assessment of voting procedures, that's a good thing. Rather, it's an acknowledgement that the world has changed, that maybe, just maybe, some of the best and brightest men and women have been excluded from the process.

There are over seven hundred writers that are currently members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. The most important requirement is that the writer has to be a part of a newspaper or other major news outlet that covers baseball on a major basis. This year five hundred and sixty nine voters cast ballots. There are many voters who haven't covered the sport in many years yet still get the chance to vote.

On the contrary there are tons of people out there that deserve to vote yet can't. Two prime examples are Bill James. and, Rob Neyer.

It's no secret that the Hall of Fame voting needs to be fixed, but how we go about that hasn't been determined yet.

Question for the community:

1) How would you go about changing the Hall of Fame voting process?