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Sabersphere 1/10: Baseball Hall of Fame, what else did you expect?

Today's Sabersphere looks at the Baseball Hall of Fame vote, thinking while hitting, and pFIP for minor league players.

Jim McIsaac

Richard Justice of talks about the system of which he is a part of, and offers some solutions to fix it: Time to consider changing Hall of Fame voting system

Are the most qualified people voting? After 80 years of doing things one way, is it time to consider another? Those are among the questions the National Baseball Hall of Fame ought to be asking itself.

Colin Wyers of Baseball Prospectus talks about the Hall of Fame: What Hall of Fame Voters are Doing to the Hall of Fame

The writers struck out looking. They were lobbed a fat pitch over the heart of the plate and they failed to even take a swing at it. Defenders will note, correctly, that it isn’t the ninth inning. But it was the last at-bat of the eighth, and they face an exceedingly difficult challenge in coming back to win this thing.

Baseball Prospectus also had their own Hall of Fame vote, with the results being here: Hall of Fame Voting

Today we reveal the Baseball Prospectus staff choices for player enshrinement in the Hall of Fame. Each staff member's ballots may be found later in the article. Here, we present a wisdom-of-the-crowds summary of the results.

Jeff Sullivan of Fangraphs talks about Barry Bonds: When Barry Bonds Made an Out

It was announced earlier today that Barry Bonds has not been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Nobody was voted into the Hall of Fame, and there are several topics worthy of discussion, but I’m partial to the Bonds one, myself, because the voting results provide a reason to look at Bonds’ career statistics again. Asterisks or no asterisks, Bonds’ numbers are downright impossible, and looking at them is the most fun a person can have at work the most fun a person who doesn’t write from home for FanGraphs can have at work.

Theo Gerome presents us with part 2 in his series of predicting future Hall of Famers: Best Pitchers 27 and Under, and the Hall: A Continuation of Yesterday's Two Ideas

The other day, I looked at Hall of Fame precedent and young hitters. The article is here, but long story short, you can already say with over 60% certainty* that Ryan Zimmerman will be a Hall of Famer (but go check it out for the reasoning).

This isn't about the Hall of Fame, but it is really interesting: You can’t think and hit at the same time: neural correlates of baseball pitch classification

Hitting a baseball is often described as the most difficult thing to do in sports. A key aptitude of a good hitter is the ability to determine which pitch is coming. This rapid decision requires the batter to make a judgment in a fraction of a second based largely on the trajectory and spin of the ball. When does this decision occur relative to the ball’s trajectory and is it possible to identify neural correlates that represent how the decision evolves over a split second?

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Today's BtB Retro is Adam Darowski, being all prophetic and stuff about this happening: The Hall of Fame Ballot is Going to Get Very Crowded (2/7/11)

Last month, before he climbed the ladder from ESPN to SBNation, Rob Neyer wrote an article that really resonated with me about how congested the Hall of Fame ballot is going to become. There are two problems at play that will cause this to happen: