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Around the SaberSphere 09/27: pitch f/x, Fielding Bible, Rays MVP candidates

Thursday's edition of Saber-Links features a Pitch F/X matchup tool, the Rays team MVP debate and more...

J. Meric - Getty Images

Dan Brooks gives us another awesome PItch F/X tool, this one allows the user to analyze individual hitter/pitcher matchups: Baseball Prospectus | Baseball Prospectus News: Announcing the PITCHf/x Matchup Analysis Tool

Just in time for the playoffs, we’re bringing you a way to get detailed information on every batter-pitcher matchup via our new Matchup Analysis Tool, found here and also accessible through the "PITCHf/x Matchups" dropdown link on the "Statistics" tab of the navbar at the top of the page. The Matchup Analysis Tool allows you to select a particular pitcher and batter and visualize every time they’ve faced each other during the PITCHf/x era (partial 2007, complete 2008-2012).

John Dewan of Bill James Online examines the catcher/infield candidates for the Gold Glove / Fielding Bible awards: Who are the Fielding Bible Award / Gold Glove Contenders? | Articles | Bill James Online

We’re a week away from the close of the regular season, so let’s examine the leading contenders for the defensive awards for 2012. I am one of the ten voters for The Fielding Bible Awards, and what follows are some of my considerations when I fill out my ballot. This week, I’ll take a look at catchers and infielders. Next week, in Part II, I’ll look at pitchers and outfielders. In the tables below, the numbers next to the player names represent their Defensive Runs Saved.

Bradley Woodrum of DRays Bay gives an interesting perspective on who should be the Tampa Bay Rays Team MVP:Rays 2012 MVP: Ben Zobrist Or Jose Molina? - DRaysBay

One of the items we will have to agree on here before continuing is the definition of most valuable player. In this particular instance, I am not regarding the most talented player in 2012 -- I think that makes the debate about Zobrist and Price alone. I am going with the definition that looks more at comparative advantage -- who has been most valuable to the Rays, not just most valuable in general.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs profiles Willin Rosario, a somewhat unnoticed catcher for the Colorado Rockies: Wilin Rosario: Catcher In Theory | FanGraphs Baseball

Wilin Rosario has managed to escape mass-media attention for the most part so far, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Few have paid attention to his problems behind the plate, but few have also paid attention to his many successes beside it. There’s no guarantee that Rosario will be able to stick behind the plate long-term, because his current blocking ability sucks and a strong desire to get better doesn’t guarantee that one will get better. But the Rockies will be patient, and if Rosario really is improving with the bat, they might be more willing to overlook any drawbacks

Jeff Moore of the Hardball Times looks for comps for Kansas City Royals prospect Will Myers: Making the comparison: Wil Myers--THT

The good news with our comps is that Myers should develop into a regular in the Royals lineup for a nice long prime. He is an immensely talented hitter whose risk of falling flat on his face is extremely limited at this point. Could he still fail completely? Of course, any prospect can. But we can be as sure of Myers become at least a league-average hitter as we can of any prospect currently in the minors.