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Around the SaberSphere 09/25: Ian Kennedy's swing rate

Tuesday's edition of sabermetric links features Ian Kennedy's swing rate, the Milwaukee Brewers and more.

Ralph Freso - Getty Images

Here's Tuesday's edition of Saber-Links

Greg Simons of The Hardball Times makes an interesting note about Dee Gordon's stolen base total and future with the Dodgers: Dee Gordon, invisible man--THT

I could think of only one explanation for this omission, which I shared with Bill: "Maybe B-Ref looks at his overall game, realizes (Gordon) does NOTHING good except stealing bases and makes the value judgment to disregard him as a baseball player. It doesn't sound logical, but it's the best reason I can think of."

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs points out that Ian Kennedy could finish this season with the lowest swing rate in the last decade: Ian Kennedy: The Hitter Who Doesn’t | FanGraphs Baseball

Right now, Ian Kennedy is running what would be the lowest swing rate in baseball since at least 2002. Kennedy is in line to make one or two more starts before the end of the season, which means he’ll have a few more opportunities to watch pitches go by and not swing at them.

R. J. Anderson of Baseball Prospectus takes a look into the Milwaukee Brewers post-Greinke: Baseball Prospectus | Painting the Black: What's Brewing in Milwaukee

The Greinke trade, which symbolized the end of the Brewers season, has actually fueled their recent success, too. Shortstop Jean Segura started slow, but has hit .333/.414/.412 in September. The Brewers have lacked credible shortstop play since Alex Gonzalez suffered a season-ending injury, and solidifying the position for now and the future appears to be one of the keys to the Greinke deal.

Steven Goldman of Baseball Nation penned a fantastic article this morning. It doesn't really deal with sabermetrics, but instead tackles the interesting topics of blogging, twitter and trolling. He gives some wise advice for how bloggers (and writers in general) should go about their business: Hal Chase Dreaming: What goes around Twitter comes around - Baseball Nation

Today, when anyone can start a blog, the barriers to entry are gone. Anyone can put their ideas forward and let the marketplace determine their worth. That takes courage, far more courage than simply hurling invective at those same people.

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