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Wednesday's Saber-Links

Here's Wednesday's edition of Saber-Links:

Trades were made as the deadline came and went yesterday. FanGraphs and Baseball Prospectus have analyses of every deal up on their sites. Here's two trade analysis links from FanGraphs: Rangers Swoop In On Ryan Dempster | FanGraphs Baseball, Pirates Take Calculated Risk In Acquiring Sanchez | FanGraphs Baseball.

Very few top prospects were traded at this year's deadline, as it seems teams are valuing them higher than ever. Kevin Goldstein of BP released his mid-season Top 50 prospects, today: Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: The Midseason Top 50 Prospects

Cee Angi of The Platoon Advantage discusses how Twitter has changed the trading deadline: Broxton, and His Fake Twitter, to the Cincinnati Reds | TPA

Colin Wyers of BP also revealed what trades didn't go down yesterday in non-transaction analysis: Baseball Prospectus | Transaction Analysis: Trade Deadline Non-Transaction Analysis

We’ve been inundating you with transaction analysis for the past several days—which makes sense, as transactions have been the biggest generator of excitement over that stretch of time. But now that the trade deadline is over, we have a convenient opportunity to analyze the deals that didn’t happen.

As is tradition, Saber-Links will return tomorrow.