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Monday's Saber-Links

Here's Monday's edition of Saber-Links:

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus gives us his take on the Oakland Athletics and teams that sell: Baseball Prospectus | Pebble Hunting: The Oakland A's and Getting Past Windows

The state of the team’s rotation, though, didn’t seem to matter. The A’s were not playing for this year, and with three trades in three weeks they made that very clear. Rather than criticize the A’s for failing to put a competitive team on the field, it was safe to applaud Billy Beane for putting Oakland in a position to someday put a competitive team on the field, someday in the future, someday after 2012. They punted. A prudent move.

John Dewan of Bill James Online uses Runs Created to analyze whether or not Hanley Ramirez was an upgrade for the Dodgers: Is Hanley Ramirez an Upgrade for the Dodgers? | Articles | Bill James Online

Hanley's 55 Total Runs at the time of the trade put him in a tie for as the 146th-best player in baseball. By comparison, Dodgers infielders Juan Uribe and Jerry Hairston had provided solid defense (7 Defensive Runs Saved) and combined for more Total Runs (57) than Ramirez this season despite fewer plate appearances.

Dan Evans, former Dodgers GM and now a BP writer, published his debut post today. Evans gives great insight into what exactly goes on at the deadline for a major league organization: Baseball Prospectus | 108 Stitches: Pulling Back the Curtain on the Trade Deadline

Tuesday's MLB trade deadline is unlike any other time of the year, as it affects more people in the sport than any other event over the course of a season. By late July, everyone in the game has settled into a nice daily routine after spending the last several months and about two-thirds of the season together. Then the deadline arrives to disrupt the routine. Players, field staff, front office personnel, scouts, media, and minor-league franchises have no choice but to adjust. You you can feel its approach in everything that you do. And I mean everything.

The Common Man of the Platoon Advantage does not agree with what the Twins' front office plans to do at the deadline: The Platoon Advantage - Monday Morning Cram Session.

Brian Lutz of the Hardball Times discusses the Pirates postseason chances and hope: Pirates fever--THT

Now, it's summer 2012. Good teams come to PNC Park and lose. A superstar—an MVP candidate—plays in Pittsburgh. The manager is praised and loved throughout the city. There is homegrown talent up and down the roster. The pitching staff is among the best in baseball. A pennant race is here and now. The team rallies, hustles, never gives up, plays hard in every game. These are the Pirates you’ve been waiting for your whole life.