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Wednesday's Saber-Links

Here's Wednesday's edition of Saber-Links:

Dave Cameron of FanGraphs is currently doing a series on the top 50 players with the most trade value in professional baseball, here's #40-36 in the countdown: 2012 Trade Value: #40-#36 | FanGraphs Baseball.

In two articles that sit behind Baseball Prospectus' pay grade, Sam Miller recaps his articles from earlier this season, something all writers would love to do: Baseball Prospectus | Pebble Hunting: Albert Pujols Walks Again, and Other Reflections on Earlier Articles

July 18 is as good a time as any to go back and read old pieces to see whether they make a lick of sense in hindsight. It is as good a time as any because there is, from the writer’s perspective, no good time to do this without wondering why that thing was written in the first place. Baseball is really just a lifelong project to break down any sense of certainty you might have about cause and effect.

Also, Colin Wyers recaps the changes to BIS's DRS system, that I mentioned yesterday, but states that he still has problems with the defensive system: Baseball Prospectus | Manufactured Runs: Getting Shifty Again

First, let us give credit where credit is due: BIS recognized a problem, and has fessed up to it and attempted to correct it. That’s good. What’s unfortunate is the way they have done so, which will give Lawrie a more palatable fielding rating but will do nothing to address the larger methodological problem that led to Lawrie’s outsized rating and continues to affect BIS’s DRS estimates in less outrageous (but probably far more vital) ways.

Adam posted a fanshot here about it, but I figured that another link was necessary. The Hall of Nearly Great is now available for sale, some of the best baseball writers on the internet worked on the book: The Hall of Nearly Great eBook

Stay tuned for Thursday's edition of Saber-Links