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Tuesday's Saber-Links

Here's Tuesday's edition of Saber-Links:

John Barten's weekly THT Awards are out. If you haven't checked out that series, you really should.

Sabermetric legend Pete Palmer went into great detail at BP, about the hit and run and other statistics, such as OBA. Baseball Prospectus |Baseball ProGUESTus: Does the Hit and Run Help?

Overall, the hit and run play dramatically increased the probability of advancing an extra base on a hit and also avoiding grounded into double plays. The batter himself got more hits but fewer homers and walks, so that part was neutral. There was an increase in line drive and other double plays. Batting performance was somewhat reduced if the play resulted in a foul, as the batter had an extra strike that might have been a ball if he was not forced to swing. On a missed swing, the runner stolen base success rate was lower than average. This is because the typical runner on a hit and run play is not as good a base stealer as the runner in a normal steal.

Bradley Woodrum's Fielding Independent On-Base Average (FI wOBA), has been updated with an updated version of slash12's xBABIP, that originally debuted on this very site: De-Lucker! 2.0: Hot, Fresh, New xBABIP | FanGraphs Baseball

Austin Jackson ranks out our biggest Regression, So What? Award candidate, as his wOBA and De-Luck’d FI wOBA are a whopping 61 points apart. Still, FI wOBA says he will settle around .348 wOBA, which is still great, but that is presuming Ajax will slip to a .319 BABIP — which is some 60 points lower than his career rate.

Enjoy tonight's All-Star game folks!!