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Around the SaberSphere 12/4: Dan Haren, Who is on first? Mike Napoli

Today's edition of sabermetric links includes Dan Haren signing with Washington, a hilarious Winter Meetings scenario, Mike Napoli signing with the Red Sox and more...


Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs gives us his take on the Nationals signing of Dan Haren: Nationals Take the Dan Haren Shot | FanGraphs Baseball

There are indications that Haren recovered, and there are indications that he didn’t. There’s reason to believe Haren would further recover over the offseason, and there’s reason to believe he’s on a somewhat irreversible decline. Haren wouldn’t be the first good starting pitcher to no longer be what he used to be. That happens at some point to every single starting pitcher that exists.

Joe Posnanski of Sports on Earth makes up a hilarious fake Winter Meetings scenario where a GM was trading baseball greats "Who" and "What": Joe Blogs: Who is at the Winter Meetings

I explained to them again that I was going to the winter meetings where players might be traded. So, of course, they asked me to write a blog post about what would happen if someone traded for Who and What and other players. So, dumb or not, a father will do pretty much anything for his daughters

Grant Brisbee of Baseball Nation explains why Mike Napoli could make sense for a last-place team: Mike Napoli making sense for a last-place team - Baseball Nation

There aren't a lot of teams that can afford to juggle expensive veterans and ideas of getting younger at the same time. But the Red Sox are one of them. Don't call it a rebuilding season.

Geoff Young of Baseball Prospectus explain why no one should ever run on Johnny Cueto: Baseball Prospectus | Western Front: Thou Shalt Not Run on Johnny Cueto

If Johnny Cueto is on the mound and a runner breaks for second, he is facing an almost-certain outcome.

Also Congratulations to sabermetricians, Eno Sarris, Carson Cistulli, Sam Miller and Joe Hamrahi on their admittance into the BBWAA. Now I know those guys wouldn't have voted for Miguel Cabrera... (Bring Neyer back)