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Appreciating a knuckleball

Stephen Dunn

When I was younger my dad and I would play catch in our backyard, and one day my dad taught me how to throw a pitch that I had never heard of before. That pitch was the knuckleball. Now I'm no knuckleball prodigy, but I thought it was the coolest pitch ever. Since then, I've always enjoyed watching knuckleball pitchers, and the expressions some batters get when swinging at that glorious pitch.

We all know R.A. Dickey is a great pitcher, and to be specific, a great knuckleballer. Knuckleballs are one of the strangest pitches in all of baseball, it's not like the conventional fastball or change-up where for the most part you know what you are going to get. The knuckleball makes even the greatest hitters look like a high school freshman.

In order to truly appreciate the knuckleball though one needs to see the knuckleball in slow-mo, and in this case that means GIFs.

To say the least, that is just incredible. Assuming I counted correctly, that knuckleball breaks three times. In my opinion one of the greatest things about the results of this pitch is the facial expression of the Josh Thole (I'm assuming that's him, if not correct me). He didn't even have his eyes open when he caught the ball, and heck, I don't blame him.

In the comments feel free to add any other amazing GIFs of the pitch known as the knuckleball.

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