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Vandalizing baseball cards is ok sometimes

Sometimes the worst part of the internet is also the best.

You're a baseball fan. We're baseball fans. We're all baseball fans. And that means most likely you either currently have some baseball cards still stored in the basement or the closet or wherever the heartless fool your mom sold them to for literally pennies at a garage sale to make room for yet another unused ... I digress.

Anyway, to most of us can't-believe-they-put-them-in-bicycle-spokes types, baseball cards are like your best friend's mom's nice soaps and/or towels. Don't touch 'em. But soaps stink like Avon products, and unless you have different soaps than I've ever seen, there's no stats on the back. hydroxymethylcellulose.

This is all to say that the idea of taking a sharpie to baseball cards is offensive and terrible and should never be done. But someone did. And it's hilarious.

Most are funny in that we're-still-12-years-old way, others are worthy of a smirk, and some few are just mean. Here's a few of my favorites: