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OT: Baseball and Christmas Carols Game

This time of year, you're bound to hear Christmas carols playing everywhere. At the mall, on the radio, in the elevator; you can't escape it. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, or enjoy these carols or not, here is a fun baseball-related way to recognize these tunes.

I am one of the clues for a Christmas carol in this game.
I am one of the clues for a Christmas carol in this game.
Leon Halip

Do you like baseball? Do you like games? Well here is a fun game for you to play to test your knowledge of both baseball and Christmas carols.

The game involves decoding a clue that is written using baseball-related terms and names. If you decode the clue correctly, you will arrive at the name of a Christmas carol.

Here is an example:

Throw at former Brewer multi-position-player Bill and 1960s All-Star Jimmie.

Answer: The baseball knowledge that you need to decode this clue is that both former Brewer Bill and 1960s All-Start Jimmie share the last name Hall. If you throw at them, you will deck them. Thus the answer is:

Deck the Halls

Everyone understand? Some of these will hopefully be attainable without seeking help, but there are certainly some difficult ones among the following list for you to decode.

If you do want to have some help, I can say that all of the Christmas carol answers appear in this list of Christmas carols. See if you can decode one, or more. If you can, leave your answers in the comments. If you have to sign up for a Beyond the Boxscore user account, it's fast. If you have to wait after signing up before you can leave a comment, send me answers via Twitter @MLBPlayerAnalys and I'll enter the answers in the comments for you.

For help decoding the baseball side of the clues, may I recommend Baseball Reference as a useful resource for this game.

Despite this being Christmas, there is no present here for decoding the most....but hopefully you're experience some Christmas joy.

Let's get started!

  1. Ex-Detroit Tigers pitcher Forrest Thomas is dressing up like first baseman J.T.
  2. Former Met Ray went 0-5 with 3 Ks.
  3. We need to make some cutbacks, so when traveling for road games we will be staying in very meager accommodations from now on.
  4. Hit lots of home runs at Coors Field, and enjoy it, please.
  5. The evening when Baltimore clinched a playoff spot.
  6. Tonight I'm hoping that Steve, who had to have Tommy John surgery in the 80s, is wearing his home jersey.
  7. Ichiro Suzuki.
  8. Surprisingly, after more than a century of major league baseball history: Fernando Salas?
  9. George and Buddy have Sparky Anderson hair.
  10. Light-hitting Jamey gets ready for a pitch.
  11. A two-time manager of the Washington Nationals in the 1800s and the wall-covering at Wrigley Field.
  12. New Cleveland Indian Gomes completely shattered his bat on a pitch, falling into the splintered debris.
  13. The time of the year that baseball fans like the least.
  14. We can tell that the team from Anaheim is making some noise at Coors Field.
  15. Heath and Josh collaborated on a catchy tune to advertise Major League Baseball.
  16. Adam Dunn's son.
  17. When non-getaway weekday games are played, aside from Wrigley Field.
  18. Seven-time All-Star York plays for Cincinnati and is like the Blue Jays' Mets' new backup catcher.
  19. The town of Oxford's baseball team had a great spring training.
  20. The big GM meetings that just ended could have been attended by Alice, given their location.

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