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Beyond the Box Score Podcast Returns! Episode #26

Beyond the Box Score has brought their podcast back from the dead! After an 11-month absence, episode #26 covers the opening of MLB Free Agency. Hosted by Blake Murphy, featuring Alex Kienholz, Spencer Schneier and Nathaniel Stoltz.

In December of 2011, Beyond the Box Score but the podcast to rest after 25 episodes. Be afraid...we've brought it back from the dead! (Zombie Podcast!)

Today's version is hosted by yours truly and has Alex Kienholz, Spencer Schneier and Nathaniel Stoltz on as guests. Among other topics, we touch on the opening of MLB Free Agency, the starting pitching market and the top outfielder available.

I'm going to be completely honest...this is the first time I've done anything like this since some dorm room podcasts for fun back in '08. We'd like to make it a regular thing, but to do so we need to solicit feedback so PLEASE let us know in the comments, via email, via Twitter or whatever, let us know what you thought of it and where we can improve. In the future, we'll probably have only two or three people on, and we'll rotate it among the BtB writers and try to get some cool guests as well.

In the meantime, check it out (it runs a little over half an hour), give us your feedback, and enjoy!

The Lineup