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BtB Podcast #29 - Longoria and Free Agent Pitchers

Blake Murphy and Alex Kienholz discuss the Longoria extension and the free agent pitching market.

The latest edition of the Beyond the Boxscore Podcast (#29 for those of you counting along, and #4 since the re-launch), featured host Blake Murphy (me!) and guest Alex Kienholz discussing the Evan Longoria extension, R.A. Dickey, Shaun Marcum, Kyle Lohse, Brandon McCarthy, Edwin Jackson and more.

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(Note on when it will appear on iTunes from Adam: I think a few hours. It did it overnight for last night's update. But anyone subscribing will automatically get the new one.)

I want to give a HUGE thanks to my buddy Connor Elsaesser for the new intro music. He performs under the name Killa Con and is a part of the group the Tall Ship Clik, who I highly recommend you check out here. Even those of who you who don't normally like hip hop should check him/them out, as he does a great job sampling well-known songs and making them original lyrical masterpieces. Thanks a lot, Connor!

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