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OT Ice-breaker: Two Truths, One Lie

No it's not the first day of school, it's just a regular day at Beyond the Box Score, the best online sabermetrics community in the universe. So let's introduce ourselves with a little game of two truths, one lie.

Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?
Aren't you a little short for a Storm Trooper?
Christian Petersen

If you choose to take a break from watching this 24 hour college basketball fest (not sure why one would do that), then why not participate in our super-fun and awesome game?

The exercise is simple: name three things about yourself, with the caveat being that one of them is a lie. Don't tell us which, that is for us to try and guess. The items can be bland, or wild (we would all prefer them to be wild though).

So while I am not that interesting, I get things rolling by posting mine here.

Which of these isn't true about me, the handsome Spencer Schneier?

  1. I am directly related to a famous Italian philosopher/poet/essayist Giacomo Leopardi, with him being a direct relative of my mother's side of the family.
  2. My favorite colors are orange and blue.
  3. I am a distant cousin of a member of The Cars.

Okay, your turn.

Welcome to the Beyond the Box Score Community Group. This article and others like it are expressly off-topic in our continuing effort to get to know each other, and to get to know you. This is purely for fun, and if you don't like it, tell us about it! We'll be doing these once a day or so. Jump right in and tell us what you think.