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OT: What are you reading?

Whether it be for school or leisure, many of us are avid readers. What about you? Not reading anything? What's next on your list?

Ernesto Ruscio - Getty Images

I currently am reading The Road From Home, by David Kherdian. Sadly it is for a school assignment, but it actually is not all that bad of a book. It focuses around the true story of a young girl during Turkey's period of unfair treatment towards the Armenians. Throughout the book she becomes older, and learns to adapt to her surroundings in order to survive.

Magazine-wise, I'm still working on the Mike Trout ESPN Magazine piece. Even though it is baseball-related, it is an interesting read and shows that Mike Trout, despite his awesome play on the field, is still every bit 21 off of it.

Things I am trying to read soon are The Big Short (by Michael Lewis), and Liar's Poker (also by Michael Lewis). Sadly (as I feel the case is with many), I lack the time to read very often and have a long "to-read" list.

So BtBers, what are you reading right now?

Welcome to the Beyond the Box Score Community Group. This article and others like it are expressly off-topic in our continuing effort to get to know each other, and to get to know you. This is purely for fun, and if you don't like it, tell us about it! We'll be doing these once a day or so. Jump right in and tell us what you think.