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OT: Weekend Open Thread

Join us to chat about your weekend, what you're eating/drinking, or start discussing the Playoffs!

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Come join us to talk about whatever you'd like - it's an OPEN thread. Open.

So what went well for you this week? What's on tap for the weekend? How did your fantasy leagues wrap up that may have been down to the Finals this past week?

I'll tell you a little about mine - the week was solid, with my first ever piece being published in print (after 369 online-only publications), have some good leads on summer journalism internships, and went to an awesome brewpub last night. Unfortunately I'm working covering UBC hockey tonight and tomorrow so my playoff viewing is limited to the afternoon games, and then we Canadians have our version of Thanksgiving on Sunday (called Thanksgiv-eh-ng).

Anyone cracked a beer for the weekend yet? I'm on a Fat Tug IPA, a very nice choice, but I've got to limit it at a single bottle since I'm working later.

And wow, Andrelton Simmons just threw away a ball to make it 5-2 Cardinals.

So let's hear it, Friday Night OPEN Thread!