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OT: What's Your School?

Most of us at Beyond the Boxscore have love for our school or college. Share your alma mater with us!

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One of the (many) cool things about SB Nation's blog network and Beyond the Boxscore, is that it brings together so many people from across the U.S. and across the world. As Blake noted yesterday, we've got writers and readers from all over the place.

Not only are our contributors spread out across the country, but many of them are currently (or formerly) college students. These are smart people -- with some exceptions -- so it's not surprising that many of us spent some time in the halls of higher education. And I'm sure that's true of many of our readers as well; if you want to learn more about sabermetrics, there's probably plenty of other things you'd like to study more about, too.

So if you're currently in college, share what school you attend and what your field of study is! If you're a graduate of any school you're proud of, share that with us as well. And if you're still planning on attending any institute of continuing / higher education, tell us where you'd like to go or what you'd like to study.

Me, I'm an alumnus of Florida State University. I graduated from FSU with a degree in Creative Writing, then went back to school to get a Masters in Instructional Systems. To answer the two most important questions BtB readers probably have: (1) yes, I watched Buster Posey play college ball and (2) yes, it was awesome.

Welcome to the Beyond the Box Score Community Group. This article and others like it are expressly off-topic in our continuing effort to get to know each other, and to get to know you. This is purely for fun, and if you don't like it, tell us about it! We'll be doing these once a day or so. Jump right in and tell us what you think.