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Around the Sabersphere 10/30: Reliever Revolution, Maybe You CAN Walk Off the Island, and An Alternate Universe Where the Giants Drafted Differently

Tuesday's edition of Sabermetrics are brought to you by me, because Glenn doesn't have power because of some hurricane or something (I think he just lacks #want).

Dilip Vishwanat

Doug Wachter at The Hardball Times takes a look at a potential change in the way teams use relievers: Could Giants' Playoff Use of Lincecum Inspire a Super-Reliever Experiment?

A month ago, you would have been forgiven for calling this a lost season for Tim Lincecum. Ever since his two consecutive Cy Young seasons, Lincecum has been trending in all sorts of bad directions, and his difficulties came to a head in 2012. His fastball velocity has gradually decreased since he broke into the league. Over the past couple seasons, Lincecum had offset his declining stuff with an ever-increasing understanding of the art of pitching, trading the absolutely ridiculous strikeout totals of his first two seasons for a combined 451 strikeouts, which as absurd as it might sound for Lincecum was just pretty good (he had 526 K's in his first two full seasons).

Matt Klaasen at Fangraphs explores Domincan Walk Rates over time: Dominican Walk Rates Over Time

Last week, Jorge Arangure wrote a nice piece on the lack of plate patience among Domican hitters. The article was helpful in illustrating the conditions that reinforce the oft-cited Dominican baseball adage that “you can’t walk off of the island.” It also inspired me to take a little look at the historical numbers among Dominican-born players to see if there’s been any change in walk rates over the years.

Geoff Young at Baseball Prospectus notes the Giants made three huge draft picks that greatly impacted the current team: Western Front: Three Giant Draft Picks

Brian Sabean doesn't always get the credit he deserves. The Giants GM has been lampooned for his tendency to sign players who are past their prime (outgoing skipper Felipe Alou complained upon being dismissed after the 2006 seasonthat, “I don't believe one manager enjoys having players die in their hands”) and for being out of touch with the hippest trends. Early in his tenure, Sabean went on record as saying “I am not an idiot” in defense of a trade that sent popular third baseman Matt Williams to Cleveland for four players, the most notable of which was future MVP/“Survivor” contestant Jeff Kent.

Dave Cameron explains the new CBA to us at Fangraphs: A Quick Walk Through the New Hot Stove Rules

With the World Series behind us and free agency officially kicking off on Saturday, the Hot Stove season is now upon us. While it’s unlikely that you’ll see anyone change teams immediately, there are always some free agents that sign pretty quickly, setting the market for others to follow. Before we get too far into evaluating the moves and the contracts of the winter, though, I thought it would be useful to walk through some of the changes that the new CBA has brought on that have a direct impact on free agency and will likely have a trickle down effect on trade evaluations.

Hopefully Glenn is back soon.