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Around the SaberSphere 10/23: Globe Glove Winners, Ichiro v. Swisher, Money Matters

Tuesday's set of sabermetric links include the Fans Scouting globe glove winners, the Yankees' debate over Ichiro and Nick Swisher, how payroll affected the playoffs, and more...

Otto Greule Jr

Tom Tango of the Book Blog reveals who the fans rated as the best defenders of 2012: THE BOOK--Playing The Percentages In Baseball--Globe Gloves

The fans have spoken, and Brendan Ryan was selected as best fielder of 2012.

Steven Goldman of the Pinestriped Bible makes an interesting case for why it makes more sense for the Yankees to go after Nick Swisher instead of Ichiro: The Ichiro vs. Swisher Fallacy - Pinstriped Bible

If you like OPS, Ichiro has a career .784, Swisher .814. If you want that league- and park-adjusted, it's 113 for Ichiro, 118 for Swisher. If you prefer wOBA it's .339 for Ichiro, .359 for Swisher. True Average? .284 for Ichiro, .288 for Swisher.

Maury Brown of Baseball Prospectus looks into how payroll affected the 2012 postseason: Baseball Prospectus | Bizball: 2012 MLB Postseason Shows Money Matters

This year, however, this is not the case. With the exception of Oakland, nine of the ten teams that made the postseason had player payroll in the top 20, and all of the LCS teams were in the top eight, not one of which came in under $110 million. The 2012 World Series features the Tigers, with the fifth-ranked Opening Day player payroll of $132,994,000, and the Giants, with the sixth-ranked payroll of $131,980,298. If there is a “glass half full” feeling for the league, it’s that along with the A’s, there were four playoff teams (Nationals, Braves, Reds, and Orioles) that were within the middle third of the league by player payroll

Paul Swydan of FanGraphs analyzes the Athletics' makeshift offense: The A’s Have A Mr. Potato Head Offense | FanGraphs Baseball

Bob Melvin wasn’t afraid to mix and match with his offense last year, and with Chris Young in the fold, he may end up like a little kid rearranging his Mr. Potato Head throughout 2013. The A’s will have the chance to run out at least two quality players at each defensive position, shortstop excepted. This depth will give them a chance to not have a serious weakness whether the opposing pitcher is left- or right-handed

Rob Neyer of Baseball Nation questions whether or not the Tigers' rest will give them an advantage in the World Series: Does the Tigers' vacation make them World Series favorites? - Baseball Nation

So we've got five teams that five teams that swept their LCS opponents; in each case, their World Series opponents had played at least six LCS games. And yet only one of the LCS sweepers managed to win the World Series. The LCS sweepers have won six World Series games ... and lost 19. Does any of this prove anything? Of course not. It does suggest that having all that extra time off doesn't confer a significant advantage. And considering that 6-19 record, we might even guess that it's a disadvantage.