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OT: What's your favorite piece of sports memorabilia?

Being sports fans, many of us have either a collection or a favorite piece of sports memorabilia. Share some of your favorite pieces with the group!

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While growing up, I loved collecting baseball cards. Every Saturday I would go to the neighborhood comic book shop, and spend hours looking at all of the different cards. Occasionally I would buy a pack or two (or three, or four ... ). I would get a ton of duplicates, but at the time I didn't care. Some of my favorites include my various Torii Hunter and Kirby Puckett cards. I stopped collecting cards about six years ago and currently have over 2,000. I don't have any that are worth much, but I don't think I could sell them anyway.

I only have a few autograph pieces, but the ones I do have are quite special to me. One of them is a Minnesota Vikings football with signatures from a few members of the team. I got them when I went down to Mankato, Minnesota, a few years ago with my dad. We watched the Vikings during training camp, and afterwards got autographs from various team members. Some of the players include Sidney Rice, who's no longer with the team, Chad Greenway and Chris Kluwe. That was definitely something I'll never forget.

I also have a Joe Mauer autographed baseball. Since I am a Twins fan, it makes it even more awesome. It's a piece that I will ever get rid of.

Now it's your turn, Beyond the Box Score readers! What are some of your treasured pieces?

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