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OT: What are you watching?

Post about your shameful TV-watching habits, find solace in the comfort of others, and recommend your favorite shows.

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Television! Or more accurately since it's two-thousand-and-twelve: Internet! All of us are sports fans and even the nerdiest of us sometimes put down our spreadsheets/calculators/abacuses, push our glasses back up, and flip on the tube for some mindless distraction.

So, what are you watching? What's on your DVR? What shows do you continually revisit? More importantly, what shows are so good that you insist others watch?

Here's my list:

1. Parenthood - this is one of those shows that you probably need to have kids to understand, but it's pretty damn good. I will say I'm deep enough into it and it's getting soapy enough for me to probably quit at this point. I do this with most shows. I just see what they're doing, suspend my disbelief, emotionally invest, and then BAM. I'm bored. Still giving this a chance if they don't go too far down the cancer/cheating/new babies wormhole. It might be too late.

2. Game of Thrones - best show on TV. PERIOD. I will not debate this, but you can try. It's even better if you've read the books, which I mostly have (I never finished the 4th one yet).

3. Modern Family - best sitcom on TV, and that includes Community, which went so far down the meta hole that it became impossible to enjoy. Self-aware is good as long as the audience can pretend the show doesn't yet know it's self aware. Anyway, on MF: I'm a huge fan of awkward humor and this show has it in spades.

I've considered watching Revolution, which I heard was like LOST + Jericho. Anyone see this? And I sometimes watch SNL, old Seinfeld reruns, politics, cooking shows, History channel, and when nothing else is on and I need to watch TV, I seriously love the Space/Planets/Universe stuff on Science and Discovery.

Let's hear yours.

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