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OT: League Championship Weekend Open Thread

Join us to chat about your weekend, what you're eating/drinking, unwind for the week and, of course, talk some playoff baseball!

Thearon W. Henderson - Getty Images

It's League Championship Weekend! With an incredible first round wrapping up Friday, we get the start of League Championship series this weekend.

Come take a load off and unwind from your week - how was it? Was it all baseball, quadruple-header after quadruple-header, or was your focus shared with the NBA preseason? How'd mid terms go? How was that concert, Glenn?

The week was solid and regular for me (I realize that sounds like a description of someone's bowel movements). Off to Whistler for the night tonight, working Saturday, and then enjoying a Sunday that will include self-brewed beer, the NFL, and some more great playoff baseball.

Last week's weekend open thread was a bit thin, but here's hoping we can all accept this as the go-to stop for saber-slanted baseball fans on the weekend. Cheers, everyone.