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Scouting Report on Jonathan Schoop

Schoop has a steady, balanced swing with lots of lift. His swing has some leverage, but most of all has a consistent bat plain and is very upright. He's has some holes, but with quick wrists and good contact skills he gets bat-to-ball fairly easily. Schoop's best tool could very well be his power. With quick wrists and plenty of bat speed he's able to generate power which, as some have noted, could translate to 25-35 home runs at the big league level.

He doesn't have much loft to his swing, but he drives the ball well and has the ability to hit to all fields. He has a good eye at the plate, one that isn't overly aggressive. He stays back and has good pitch recognition, hence he can walk a fair amount.

With lots of arm strength but not the softest of hands, Schoop is best suited for third-base. He's played both the hot corner and shortstop, although he doesn't have enough range to stick up-the-middle. Schoop has good baseball instincts but he tends to speed up at times, causing him to rush and not pick up the ball cleanly. He's got some things to work on before he'll be Baltimore bound, but Schoop is on the fast track and could spell a bright future for the O's