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Scouting Report on Dylan Bundy

Dylan Bundy, a big and strong Oklahoma native features two well-above average pitches with nice feel for a third and fourth. His fastball has been known to sit in the mid-high 90's, occasionally touching 99. He throws it for strikes and aside from just controlling the zone, he commands it. His curve is also plus and he throws it for strikes at 75-78. It has nice depth and fade and, while he has a slider too, it isn't as polished as his curve.

He repeats his mechanics which is ever-so important for a young pitcher considering many other things stem off that, such as command and ability to fool batters. Number one starters are said to only be in that category if they have plus command and plus velocity of two different pitches. There's a decent chance that Bundy qualifies for three pitches, which is absurd.

Bundy is an excellent athlete and is said to have reminded some scouts of Zack Greinke on the mound with his natural athletic frame, despite being a somewhat different pitcher. Aside from projection within his arsenal, Bundy has some physical projection too. He's already very strong but is still filling out.

Additionally, he's advanced for his age and level. There's a decent chance we'll see Bundy pitching for Delmarva when the season begins, which is a big jump for someone beginning pro-ball. Many think he's ready for the challenge.