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Scouting Report on Parker Bridwell

Parker Bridwell is a young projectable right-hander for the Orioles with consistency issues within his mechanics but top of the rotation stuff. When I saw him last season, he was very rangy. He was sitting 91-92 with his fastball touching as high 95 and as low as 88. Although he was rangy, his fastball had some outward run and was getting hitters flailing. Scouts have noted his fastball to be very projectable, especially as Bridwell progresses and physically matures. Standing at 6'5, Bridwell has lots of size and although his arm slot is spotty at times, he generally has a decent plain on his fastball. Other than a fastball, he features a slider and a change in the works. Despite neither being plus pitches, they aren't that bad either. He just doesn't use them as much as he should.

One thing I noticed in Bridwell that I very much liked was his mound presence. He's a competitor with moxy and intensity on the mound. He's a Texan as well, which some scouts have found a trend in within start pitchers. Regardless, he works fast and contains some intimidation while pitching. He also carries himself well on the mound, something especially rare amongst younger pitchers. Bridwell isn't afraid to empty the tank which is a reason for some of his immediate success in pro ball.

The key for Bridwell going forward will be to refine his mechanics and continue tightening up his velocity and command. He can obviously throw 95, but it's important that he does so while avoiding 88. Of course, all of his early flaws are common for young pitchers, and hey, youngsters also flash similar stuff to that of Bridwell. But not many have the intangibles and arm strength that Bridwell has, and that's makes him pretty special.