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Drew Hutchison Scouting Report

Here's a scouting report on Blue Jays prospect Drew Hutchison.

Drew Hutchison is a slim right-hander with an assortment of pitches and tons of pitchability. When I saw him in several late season starts, I imagine he was a bit tired out due to his six-month workload in 2011, but he still managed to get batters swinging on a plus-slider and change-up. Hutchison didn't throw harder than 94 in front of me, but I've been informed by scouts that he was sitting in the mid-to-high 90's during the early months of the year.

Hutchison has some release point problems but has deception and has shown to get batters out even when his best stuff isn't there. He is never going to be a guy to blow hitters away, but he gets enough K's to suggest his whiff rate in the majors will be enough. It's unclear what type of impact Hutchison will have on the Jays going forward, but I can imagine he'll at least be an adequate #4.