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Adonys Cardona Scouting Report

Here's a scouting report on Blue Jays prospect Adonys Cardona.

Adonys Cardona is a raw, projectable right-hander for the Jays already with a fastball that scouts can dream on. He's still only 17-years old, but features a fastball that sits 90-93 and has touched the mid-90's. Scouts have labeled lots of projection on his fastball and curve, two pitches that are expected to be above average once he fills out and gains more velocity.

Cardona's mechanics have warranted some concern in the past, but his arm motion is free and easy and displays terrific arm speed when throwing his fastball. He has feel for a change-up, but it's nowhere near close to becoming a plus pitch. Cardona has showed inconsistency in terms of his release point in the past, but like his other correctable issues, he'll progress through the system and tighten up as he moves along.