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Aaron Sanchez Scouting Report

Here's a scouting report on Blue Jays' prospect Aaron Sanchez.

Despite some struggles in his first full season of pro ball, Aaron Sanchez is still regarded as one of the best pitching prospects in the Jays' system. Sanchez features a fastball that regularly touches the mid-90's, a curveball with plenty of depth and inward cut and a change-up in the works. He gets a lot of whiffs with his fastball but he speeds up at times and tends to loose his feel for it. In addition, he relies on it too often to get batters out.

His curveball has a lot of projection as it's already a solid pitch. He doesn't have great command of his curve but he controls it and gets batters swinging. Sanchez has a slim frame and projects to fill out a bit. He's wirey but has a smooth, free and easy delivery and doesn't warrant much injury concern. Sanchez throws at an over-the-top release point with a steady, downhill plain. The key for Sanchez will be to slow down a bit, as he sped up his delivery too often in 2011. That kind of inconsistency was a reason for some of his struggles last year.

Sanchez, a bulldog and competitor on the mound, isn't even 20-years old yet and already made his way to Lansing, so the there's absolutely no rush. If anything, he's on the fast track.