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Anthony Gose Scouting Report

Here's a scouting report on Blue Jays' outfield prospect Anthony Gose.

There are few prospects in baseball who are as athletic and talented as Anthony Gose. Gose is a plus-runner and defender with all of the skills to become a plus-hitter too. He's a strong and physical athlete who has shown glimpses of superstardom in the past, but he hasn't yet put everything together. Gose has been very inconsistent at the plate since he's been in pro ball but really tightened things up in 2011.

Gose has lots of movement in his swing but has a quick bat. His swing isn't very leveraged but he has decent power and is very quick out of the box when he makes contact. He swings and misses way too often but when he makes contact it's usually solid. He gets too out in front of off-speed pitches and at times has trouble catching back up to fastballs.

Gose has good baseball instincts and gets solid reads in the outfield. He has an excellent arm as well (he threw 97 from the left side in high school). Gose has been known to be a bit silly and lackadaisical but has told me several times that he felt more mature and grown up during the 2011 season. His makeup was a question in the past but is less of one now. Gose has all the skills to be a star, he just needs to turn them into tools.