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Jake Marisnick Scouting Report

Here's a scouting report on Blue Jays' prospect Jake Marisnick.

Like Travis d'Arnaud, Jake Marisnick is also a 1st tier talent. Not only would I project all five of his tools to be above average, but they could all likely around the 60 area, too. Marisnick, who still has some physical projection, is a fantastic athlete. He runs extremely well and covers a lot of ground in the outfield. His arm is plus and is continuing to develop more accurary on his throws. He gets out of the box well and displays 65-70 speed while running the bases.

Marisnick has nice bat speed and hits to all fields. He gets inside of pitches quite well and swings right through the zone. His power is continuing to develop and projects to have 60+ power when it's all said and done. Marisnick has good baseball instincts which can be seen by his reads and aggressive charges at batted balls. He's a strong, thin-bodied kid who is continuing to develop star-like tools.

I asked a high-ranking official in the Blue Jays organization to describe Marisnick in a few words. The official replied, "five tool player."