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Travis d'Arnaud Scouting Report

Here's a brief scouting report on Blue Jays' catching prospect Travis d'Arnaud.

d'Arnaud is a strong and big-bodied catcher with a strong arm and powerful bat. He is among the small group of catchers in baseball who grade out to be above average both defensively and offensively at the major league level. d'Arnaud has an ultra-quick bat accompanied by fantastic plate vision. He keeps a steady, consistent bat plain and his swing is very leveraged throughout. d'Arnaud is athletic and runs well for a catcher, although I wouldn't say he has above average speed. His power is also plus, as he can hit the ball out of the park via all fields. He has an advanced eye at the plate and his pitch selection is impressive, although he often gets out in front of breaking balls.

d'Arnaud has made tremendous strides defensively over the past few years. He's always had a strong arm, but especially this past season, his throws to the bases have been much more on target. He calls a good game and has been touted by his pitchers to be a fine receiver. There aren't many 1st tier talents in baseball, but d'Arnaud has no weak spot in his game. Instead, he shines both offensively and defensively and is easily the Jays' best prospect.