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Kansas City Royals Top 12 Prospect Rankings

  • Tier 1 (4 points): Major League Star -- Number One Starter
  • Tier 2 (3 points): Stand Out/Above Average Regular -- Number Two/Exceptional Three Starter
  • Tier 3 (2 points): Solid, Average, Every Day Regular -- Number Three/Solid Four Starter
  • Tier 4 (1 point): Bench/Below Average Regular -- Borderline Four/Number Five Starter/Relief Pitcher

Possibly one of the more underrated systems in baseball, Kansas City's farm still consists of top tier and semi-impact talent. Despite a combination of injuries and promotions setting the organization back a bit prospect-wise, the Royals quietly possess one of the game's best systems. The Royals have at last found themselves to be a legitimate contender in a weak American League Central and this is largely due to their strong foundation of impact level prospects that have made their way through the system over the past couple of seasons. The Hosmer, Moustakas and Duffy group is already up and now, Royals are expecting to see the likes of Mike Montgomery and Wil Myers make their way to Kansas City.

With a previously strong focus on international prospects and the draft, the Royals' system has continued to not only grow, but to display talent in each of their affiliates. Additionally, like the aforementioned trio of Hosmer, Moustakas and Duffy, the Royals impact is spread thoroughly throughout the system, potentially creating a yearly wave of new four and five-star prospects heading to Kansas City. It's not clear how the new CBA rules will affect the Royals outlook on evaluation, amateur spending and player development, but it's clear that they currently boast a strong foundation that will last the organization many years of impact talent embedded within the system.

Royals -- 28 points

Tier 1

Wil Myers
Bubba Starling

Tier 2

Mike Montgomey
Cheslor Cuthbert
Jake Odorizzi

Tier 3

Yordano Ventura
Elier Hernandez
Brian Brickhouse
Jason Adam

Tier 4

Jorge Bonifacio
John Lamb
Chris Dwyer