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New York Yankees Top 12 Prospect Rankings

  • Tier 1 (4 points): Major League Star -- Number One Starter
  • Tier 2 (3 points): Stand Out/Above Average Regular -- Number Two/Exceptional Three Starter
  • Tier 3 (2 points): Solid, Average, Every Day Regular -- Number Three/Solid Four Starter
  • Tier 4 (1 point): Bench/Below Average Regular -- Borderline Four/Number Five Starter/Relief Pitcher

The Yankees boast a system of high-end talent and some really young guys coming off of solid seasons. At the top of the list is Manny Banuelos, who, in the eyes of many is one of the top three left-handed pitching prospects in baseball. Towards the bottom of the list sits Mason Williams, a guy I was lucky enough to watch blossom in Staten Island last season. Although two extremely different prospects with very different upsides, both are persona favorites. Despite this system not grading out as high as Yankees fans would have hoped, it's still by all means solid, and one that could develop potential all-starts down the line or, like our good friend Jesus Montero, trade candidates for top-tier major leaguers.

Yankees -- 26 points

Tier 1

Manny Banuelos

Tier 2

Gary Sanchez
Dellin Betances

Tier 3

Mason Williams
Ravel Santana
Austin Romine
Dante Bichette Jr.
Jose Campos
Slade Heathcott
Daniel Camarena

Tier 4

J.R. Murphy
Adam Warren