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The Beyond the Box Score History Project


Beyond the Box Score has been operational since 2005, and if you take a few minutes to look through the archives (or if you've been around since then) you quickly see that there has been some tremendous writers that have graced the masthead over the past 6+ years.

Many of those writers have gone on to write and publish at sites such as Baseball Prospectus, FanGraphs, Hardball Times, and, to name a few.

I am hoping to put together a history of sorts that plots the activities of our alumni before, during, and after their stint at Beyond the Box Score. To do that, I'll need their help.

Why do this?

1) History is interesting: It's generally interesting to know the history of how things evolve over time, and that's no different with websites. Some might not care, but others may be curious as to how Beyond the Box Score got started and how it changed over time. I am know I am, so I am selfishly hoping others are as well.

2) Celebrate the great work of past writers: All you have to do is look at how our readership has grown over the years and you can imagine that some readers today don't necessarily know about many of the fantastic writers that contributed to the site in the past. We would like to celebrate and promote that work.

3) Promote the work of alumni: We would also like to promote the current work of our alumni. Many have gone on to write for other sites and publications, and we would like to let our readership know.

I would like to ask all alumni to email me at billpetti AT gmail DOT com and provide the following information:

  • Name and/or screen name (and which one you prefer we use)
  • Dates when you wrote for Beyond the Box Score (years are fine)
  • Who the site manager was at the time you wrote
  • Where you wrote prior to, during, and after BtBS
  • Other work that you've done that you are proud of and/or think is relevant (i.e. consulted for a major league team, wrote a book)
  • Any particular articles or concepts you wrote about and developed while at BtBS that you are especially proud of

Some of you will receive an email from me as I know who you are, but please feel free to reach out to me first. Also, if you are aware of some alumni that may not be keeping up with the site today please forward this request to them.

Thanks to everyone in advance.