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Beyond the Box Score Power Rankings: Week 24

They're not quite out of it at the moment, but do you think the Rays would have liked a 5th Wild Card spot this year?

Just as a reminder: some of the things that go into these rankings include runs scored and allowed, run distributions, wOBA, wRC, FIP, xFIP, DRS, UZR, etc., Base Runs, BABIP and HR/FB% adjustments, and our guts.

Rank Team Wins Losses Comments
1 Yankees 87 57 I'm not sure if Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia being 2nd and 3rd on the team in starter fWAR (2.5, 2.2) is good or bad.
2 Phillies 94 48 Cliff Lee has allowed a grand total of 3 earned runs in his last 55.2 IP (2 of them on one HR), with a 52-10 K/BB ratio.
3 Red Sox 85 60 Adrian Gonzalez only has 25 home runs this year - not what many expected leaving Petco - but still with a .409 wOBA.
4 Rangers 82 64 Texas' lead has dwindled to just 2.5 games, but their run differential is 90 runs better than LA's.
5 Brewers 85 62 Yuniesky Betancourt is still above replacement level, but it's going to be close at the finish (0.1 fWAR).
6 Rays 80 64 Jeremy Hellickson is posting a nice 2.96 ERA (despite a 4.30 FIP) largely on the strength of a .229 BABIP.
7 Tigers 83 62 Detroit went 49-43 while being outscored in the first half, but they're playing .642 ball after the break.
8 Cardinals 78 67 Two years and only $21 M for Chris Carpenter seems good, given he's averaging over 4.5 fWAR for '09-11.
9 Diamondbacks 85 61 Willie Bloomquist has received 340 PA for the team, and yet they hold an 8.5 game lead in the NL West. You can't explain that.
10 Angels 80 65 Dan Haren is having a quietly great season. He's even passed Jered Weaver in fWAR (up to 6.1).
11 Braves 84 62 Craig Kimbrel's record streak of appearances without allowing a run was just snapped at 38.
12 White Sox 73 71 Chris Sale (10 K/9, 3 BB/9, 50% GB%) has been like Matt Thorton #2 this year (10 K/9, 3 BB/9, 50% GB%).
13 Dodgers 72 72 Jamey Carroll is the only qualified batter in the majors without a home this year; tied a career high with 5 triples though.
14 Reds 71 74 It's only in part-time duty, but Ryan Hanigan has the best K/BB ratio in baseball for a catcher.
15 Blue Jays 73 73 Outside the AL East, no 3rd place team is above .500. The Jays are (now), and are in 4th.


16 Mets 71 74 RA Dickey as a Met in 2010 and 2011; 361.1 IP of 3.16 ERA ball (FIP ~3.78, xFIP ~3.86). Looking forward to him sitting on 199 wins.
17 Rockies 68 77 The Colorado pitching staff led the majors in fWAR for 2009-10, but is down to just 19th this year.
18 Athletics 66 79 Brandon McCarthy has improved his control enough to post the 4th best BB/9 (1.4) in baseball.
19 Giants 75 70 Tim Lincecum (3.13) is behind both Madinson Bumgarner (2.70) Matt Cain (2.87) in FIP - and he's 10th in the NL.
20 Marlins 65 79 Gaby Sanchez has built on a nice rookie season by upping his walk rate to over 11% - his fWAR's up from 2.3 to 3.0 already.
21 Indians 71 72 Matt LaPorta has been called back up to the majors, where he has yet to post an even average offensive season.
22 Royals 61 86 In the AL Central, only Chicago (6) has more pitchers with at least 2.1 fWAR than Kansas City (3).
23 Padres 62 84 Orlando Hudson is 73rd in the majors in triples this year, which is more relevant if you saw his Intentional Talk segment.
24 Nationals 66 77 For pitchers with at least 50 IP, Tyler Clippard has the highest LOB% in the majors this year at 94.4%.
25 Cubs 63 82 Starlin Castro leads the NL in hits with 186. He's only 39th (of 68 qualified batters) with a .336 OBP.
26 Mariners 61 84 This is the first season of Felix Hernandez's career in which his groundball rate is under 52%.
27 Pirates 66 79 Pittsburgh has/had 4 players with over 200 PA and below 0 fWAR this year (M. Diaz, X. Paul, P. Alvarez, L. Overbay).
28 Orioles 58 86 The O's staff has the worst FIP in the majors (4.65), and they're further from 29th place than 29th is from 23rd.
29 Astros 49 96 JA Happ is 5-15 with a 5.77 ERA, but at least his xFIP is only 4.63. He's 4th on the team in innings pitched.
30 Twins 59 86 Joe Mauer is up to 3 home runs now this year, and has his bat up to league average (100 wRC+).